Kohler K 1822 GVBCW 7 This Underscore bath combines BubbleMassage hydrotherapy, VibrAcoustic sound waves, chromatherapy, and Bask heated surface for a complete mind body sensory experienceHidden speakers emit sound waves that envelop and gently resound within the bodyChoose a soothing spa session with built in compositions, unwind to your own music playlists, or catch up on news and podcastsMeanwhile, BubbleMassage jets release thousands of air bath bubbles to cushion and massage your body, and Zones of Control lets you target the massage to where you need it the mostChromatherapy washes the area in a soothing spectrum of lights, and a heated surface warms your back and neck with adjustable temperature settingsVibrAcoustic calms and soothes with sound vibration technology.Bask heated surface creates spa like relaxation with soothing warmth on your back and neck.Chromatherapy lighting allows you to select a preferred color scheme to suit your mood.Customize your experience with the high resolution color touch screen.Slotted overflow allows for deep soaking. $8228.35

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